Grant Hood Contracting Ltd – Terms and Conditions


1.1 All services provided by the supplier are subject to the following terms and conditions.
1.2 The associated quotation is open for acceptance for one month from the date given. Thereafter acceptance is subject to confirmation from Grant Hood Contracting Ltd.
1.3 The client acknowledges that its dealings with Grant Hood Contracting are for business purposes.
1.4 Client acceptance can be communicated verbally or in writing. The Client shall be deemed to have accepted Grant Hood Contractings quotation when the services commence.


2.1 The client agrees to pay in full all accounts by the due date. Where no due date is specified, payment will be due on the 20th day of the month following the date invoice was issued.
2.2 The Client acknowledges that Grant Hood Contracting shall not be liable for any statement, correspondence, or understanding not set forth in the Quotation.
2.3 The client warrants that all information provided to the Grant Hood Contracting is correct.


3.1 Grant Hood Contracting undertakes to complete the works detailed in the quotation in a competent workmanlike manner to industry accepted standards.
3.2 Grant Hood Contracting will take reasonable care to avoid damage to underground services and other property but shall not be liable for any damage to underground services which have not been located in advance of the work or have been incorrectly provided by the Client.
3.3 In the event of unforeseen conditions or obstructions being encountered which may significantly increase the cost of the work the Client shall be advised promptly. Pending instructions on the matter from the client and agreement on payment of any additional costs, Grant Hood Contracting may at its discretion cease work on the site or, if practicable, continue to work around the area in question.


4.1 The risk in any goods supplied shall pass to the Client on delivery but ownership in them shall not pass until the Client has paid for the goods in full.
4.2 Until payment in full has been made any goods supplied will be held by the Client as the Company’s bailee, and stored and identified so that it is clear that they are the property of Grant Hood Contracting. Grant Hood Contracting, its employees and agents may without notice enter any property occupied by the Client to search for, disconnect, and remove any goods supplied that remain unpaid.
4.3 Interest at the rate of 12% per annum shall be payable by the Client on all overdue accounts from the due date for payment until payment is receive. All costs, including collection charges and associated legal fees incurred in connection to overdue accounts shall be payable by the Client.


5.1 Grant Hood Contracting shall rectify any defects in the work of which it is notified in writing within three months of completion.
5.2 No claim shall be actioned under the Warranty if the defective work has been modified or incorrectly maintained, installed or operated other than by Grant Hood Contracting.


6.1 Grant Hood Contracting shall not be liable for loss of profits or opportunity or any other consequential damage or loss to the Client howsoever arising whether in contract or in tort.
6.2 To the fullest extent permitted by law, the liability of Grant Hood Contracting for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission in providing a service, or any defect or non-compliance of goods supplied is limited to the replacement or repair of damage not exceeding the invoice value of the service or goods at the discretion of Grant Hood Contracting.