Project 0873- RDR Fish Screen

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Rangitata River Fish Screen and Race Diversion

Job 0873

Supply of Materials, PLant and Personnel to construct a large Race Diversion and Fish Screen as follows:
Excavate and, if necessary, dewater to facilitate construction of the fish screen channel and supporting concrete structure.
Take delivery of, and store on site, and install the new fish screens supplied by AWMA under separate contract. These screens will be in the care and possession of the Principal until commencement of Contract, at which point they will become the responsibility of the Contractor.
Perform “dry” and “wet” commissioning of the fish screen facility.
Disposal of excess excavated material on Site as indicated on the Drawings.
Construction of the fish bypass channel back to the Rangitata River.
Construction of a control shed.
Install electrical and control cabling and associated equipment and instrumentation for the new fish screens.
Cutover from the existing RDR to the new installation.
Site reinstatement and disposal of excess material.
Removal of the existing bio-acoustic fish fence (BAFF).
Maintenance during defects notification period.