Selwyn District Council

Selwyn District Council


Client: Selwyn District Council
Contract value: $400K
Contract Period: July – Dec 2015

Construction of a stormwater diversion and re-constructing existing channels to increase capacity, supplying and installing 2 large box culverts, timber retaining walls, timber faced guardrailing, fencing, and planting.

Technical Difficulty:
The works took place in or adjacent to an existing waterway. A resource consent granted for the works had conditions that had to be complied with protecting the integrity of the waterway.

One section of the works was alongside Leeston Road, the main road from Leeston to Springston. adjacent to High Street.

Power poles, supporting high capacity wires alongside Leeston Road, and within1m of the top of the bank required protection and support during construction of the timber retaining walls.

Existing underground services had to be lowered to accommodate the box culvert units. Close collaboration with Connetics (telco infrastructure), Orion (underground and overhead electrical wiring), and Sicon Ferguson (maintenance contractor to the SDC for water supplies) was required to minimise the disruption to the affected households.

Works of this nature always have a downside in terms of timing. In this case it was undertaking the re-grassing and planting during the height of summer when conditions are against you for getting the plants established and the grass to strike.