Sealed Road Rehabilitation Rural East Project

Sealed Road Rehabilitation Rural East Project

Sealed Road Rehabilitation Rural East Project

Client: Ashburton District Council
Contract value: $420k
Contract period: March 2017 – May 2017

• Work to all sites includes survey and design
• Shoulder preparation and earthworks
• Widening as required
• Undercutting failed pavement
• Metal course construction
• Sealing
• Road marking
• Drainage works
• Other miscellaneous works

Technical Difficulty:

The Ashburton District Council (ADC) put out a tender to seal three sites that required rehabilitation within the district. Fairfield Road required a seal width of 7 meters, Seafield Road required a seal width of 8 meters and Beach Road East required a seal width of 7 meters.

No surveys or designs had been carried out for these sites previously. Construction was to be carried out to existing longitudinal profile using a granular overlay with minimum depth over high spots of 100mm.

To commence the project, Grant Hood Contracting needed to survey the existing road and berm. It was established that shape correction of berms and swales was required. The new design of road overlay included horizontal and vertical alignment improvements, superelevation and shape correction.

The team faced a variety of hazards, as construction of road overlay was completed on very busy junctions and roads, with large proportion of vehicles being trucks on H plates. In addition, the construction of road overlay during winter months experienced high rainfall. This required constant monitoring of the unsealed surface and management of lane widths and location.

Temporary traffic management was required on the main road to one of Ashburtons major factories, which experienced large spikes in traffic at times of shift changes. Installation of ADC stockwater culverts under roads required coordination between ADC stock water supply and road crossing.

This project involved a large number of challenging tasks in both dry and wet conditions but strong management, communication and a commitment to safety ensured the project was finished to the highest possible standard.