Project – Goulds Rd Subdivision


Goulds Rd Subdivision

Stage 1 was tendered via an open process. Based on our track record of delivery Stages 2-4 were negotiated from original rates.
Throughout the project, we relied heavily on the 3D GPS machine control capabilities of our equipment.
Whether it was stripping topsoil (with our Cat D6 GPS auto-controlled dozer) or undercutting the road formations, or trenching to grade for all the services, or construction of the pavement, or recording of the as-built data, GPS has been used throughout.
The use of GPS ensured that we had tight controls over the earthworks, ensuring cut and fill was managed to minimise handling and cartage within the project. This is a valuable cost control tool, reducing construction costs and time for GHC and providing an opportunity to pass cost savings on to the client.
Throughout this project, we achieved the required standards for compaction, pressure testing of the services and the accurate set out of the individual lots.

Scope of Works

4 Stage 120 lot Subdivision in Rolleston
Full survey set out for excavation / 3 waters / pavement level control, Earthworks, Utilities (Power and Telco services)
2k of greenfield pavement construction including roundabouts, kerb and channel, ROWs and accesses.
Line Marking
Footpaths and grassing