• grant_hood_mount_hutt


    To whom it may concern, We have contracted Grant Hood Contracting over the last 2 winter seasons at Mt Hutt Ski Area to clear and maintain the access road. During the summer of 2004/2005 Mt Hutt embarked on a $7.5m project to install a new 6 seater chairlift, relocated our existing Quad Chairlift, increasing snowmaking capabilities, snowfencing trail works development and numerous earthworks projects. Grant Hood Contracting was selected as the sole earthworks contracting by Mt Hutt Ski Area and Leitner Poma (USA) the company who installed the new lift.

    The entire project included several new trails including our new 1.2km long, 25-30m wide Highway 72 novice trail, the Virgin Mile access trail along the ridge line, the new Summit Trail, excavation of over 25,000 cubic metres of fill from the base area, culverting two streams, snowmaking, snow fencing, power and communication cable trenches, lift and tower foundations. Some of these project were on very steep terrain and some required speedy completion to meet time deadlines. We have always found Grant Hood and his employees to be extremely hard working and dedicated to ensuring a high standard of work is achieved.

    We have found them to be very conscious of keeping to a budget or quote and keen to make sure the job is done right even if having to go the extra mile to complete it. We have seen them as a strategic partner in the operation of the business especially during the winter months, and have taken a personal interest in the developments they were involved with over the summer months. Even though some of their team are not keen skiers or snowboarders they understand the impact of the projects they have completed and the effect they would have if not completed correctly. We would certainly recommend them to anyone in the region and they are our preferred earthwork contractor when considering project at Mt Hutt Ski Area.

    David Wilson, Mt Hutt Ski Area Manager
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    We have been using Grant Hood Contracting during the past several years for a variety of work around a large number of properties in the mid-canterbury area. As well as being able to handle the clearing and complete cleanup of large areas of trees, Grant and his team have successfully constructed a number of irrigation ponds ranging in size from moderate through to what could be considered as small lakes. Also they have completed construction of many kilometres of stock lanes and tanker access roads, prepared several foundations for dairy shed construction, and carried out full conversions from border-dyke irrigated land to spray. This has included laying mainline and power cables.

    We have also had Grants Company dig several wells, install the casing and perform test pumping. We find it extremely valuable to have a firm that can handle such a wide range of work and can be operating on several projects at the same time. This is a huge advantage when often timeframes particularly for dairy conversions are very tight. I would have no hesitation in fully recommending Grant Hood Contracting as a very reliable and competent company, more than capable of carrying out all aspects of the work they have completed for Dairy Holdings during the past few years.

    Graeme Blair, Dairy Holdings Limited